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Assalamualaikum! Hi I'm Nurhidayah. Just call me Hidayah or Dayah :) Want to know more, read my Biodata. I'll give my blog name : NH Holding's. !

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Problem's..!!..U always come without my invitation ..!!..Hate it..!!..
problem??problem??problem??..hate u so much..why u come into my life??..i cannot face u's so hurting my heart..did u know it??..u always,always and always come..why??'s so difficult..don't know how to explain..only "he" understand my situation..only "he" understand my heart..only "he" can make my day full of calmness..besides "he",i also thankful to 3 of my wonderfull supportive friends..3 of them is Pieja,Rose and the last one is Izzati..all of u always cheer up my day that is full of sadness..i don't know when all of  this problem can stop from disturb my life..hurrhh..ohh yeah,i see,life someone is not perfect without,problem never have the end..end of one of them,of course another one is waiting to come,Nurhidayah,just facing it with full of calmness..only calmness can solve all of yours problem..anyone can see,my day is so happy,i can laugh with my friends everyday even though when i have a problem..that's must be cheer dear..actually in my heart only God know how i those who always make's problem in my life,please stop it dear..go away from my life,go far,far and far away from my life..if u still stay here,u such make u make trouble in my life and maybe that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow u will makes trouble in my friend's or other person life..person like's u is not needed in anyone life..hope u understand..hope u can go far away..go far away to find what's the meaning of true life..hope u may feel how hard to facing your life when u have some problems..and hope u will meet experience that teach u how to appreciate other person life..this time u will know how i feel when u making problem in my life..and this time also u will regretted what u do in your past..i only will smile if i can see this happen to u..i'm not prayer bad incident happen to u but i just want u to feel how painful and how difficult what u do to me,that's all..please!!..i beg to u!!..please do not disturb my life the way,i don't want to hate u but your behaviour is force me to hate u..and the last one,u is a girl,please behave your self so that anyone can accept u in their life and can love u as who u are..u don't have any right property to control or complaining someone life,remember it dear..just mind your own business..what u get if u still hurting someone life??..i think,nothing u will get..right??..if u want all of your friend's hate u,just go on sayangs..i want to see how long and how far can u go with your bad attitude..end of the story..

 Attention:**this post for only one person that always 
make my day full of problems..hope u are not the person 
that i mean in this story..**  

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