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Meaning Of Friend's ?

Hi for all readers..
Today I will post in English..Just want to improve my english language..Okey,now I want to start
my story about Meaning Of Friend's ?..In this world,we all have friends,right?..But not all of your friends are good..As we know,friends very important in our life..But we cannot always depends on our friends..We must remember that not all of our friends are good..
They can change only because trivial matter..
True friends don't desert each other when one is facing trouble..They would face it together and support each other,even if it is against the interests of the other person..Best friends don't analyze each other,they don't have to do so..They accept each other with their positive and negative qualities..Nothing is hidden between true friends..They know each other's strengths as well as weaknesses..One would not overpower the other..They would respect each other's individuality..In fact,they would understand the similarities and respect the differences..Best friends don't stand any outsider commenting or criticizing their friendship and they can put up a very firm resistance,if anyone does so..
True friendship is marked by selflessness..
Best friends support even each other,even if the whole world opposes them..It is not easy getting true friends for the lifetime..If you have even one true friend,consider yourself blessed..
Remember,all best friends are friends,but not all friends can be best friends..
In this world of cynics and back stabbers,there are still some people who are worth being friends with..They have to be recognized and respected for being best friends,for the lifetime..So,which type friends of you?..I'm not such a good friends..But i'm trying to be a good friends..Okey,enough for today..How about my english language?..Hehe..Daa~ |^_^|

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